Member 2 Member Benefits

The Chamber’s MEMBER 2 MEMBER BENEFITS program is a great way for you to offer (and receive) discounts and special promotions exclusively to fellow Chamber members! Benefits offer positive exposure for your business and can add value to your membership through increased business with other Chamber members.


$ Benefits expose your business to more potential clients and customers.

$ Member 2 Member Benefits help you market to Chamber members and their thousands of employees.

$ Member 2 Member Benefits are free advertising for your business. Your Benefit will be listed online and in various other publications throughout the year.

$ Special offers create a loyal customer base within your Chamber peer network.

$ Benefits are affordable for everyone – listings are FREE!

The Chamber accepts applications (inquire by emailing ) for your M2M Benefit. After you submit your Member 2 Member application, Chamber staff will review/approve and your benefit will be activated through publication on the Chamber’s website and other media means.